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Yuma Regional Medical Center
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Community Providers using OfficeCare

OfficeCare is the community physician integrated electronic medical record. All clinical interactions with the following medical practices are shared within YRMCCare, the electronic health record used at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Adult Primary Care (Internal Medicine & Family Practice)fr

Camillus Health Center
Rudy Valenzuela, PhD, NP
780 N Cesar Chavez Street
PO Box 7053
San Luis, AZ 85349
Telephone 928-627-2055
Fax 928-627-2456f

Christopher Moor, MD
Christopher Moor, MD
1881 W. 24th Street, Ste. B
(928) 726-1122

Dorothy L. Wong, M.D.
Dorothy Wong, MD
1025 W. 24th St. Ste. 26
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 344-5455

Yuma Regional Medical Center Family Medicine Center
Kristina Diaz, MD
fEd Paul, MD
Lorena Jauregui-Covarrubias, MD
Steven Anderson, MD
Bridgett Allen, NP
Richard Caguin, FNP
2851 S. Avenue B # 25
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-7095

Allergy and Immunology (Allergy)

Yuma Regional Medical Center Allergy & Immunology Clinic

Madhu Narra, MD
Yuma Regional Medical Center Specialty Clinics
2851 S. Ave. B, Bldg. 20, Suite 2001
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336 - 2434

Anti Coagulation

Yuma Regional Medical Center Anti Coagulation Clinic

Yuma Regional Kachina Medical Plaza
2451 S. Avenue A, Suite B101 (Inside First Health)

Yuma Regional Outpatient Laboratory
11282 N. Frontage Rd.

Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss)

Yuma Regional Medical Center Bariatric Surgery
Candice Jensen, MD
1501 W. 24 St. Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-5483

Cardiology (Heart)

Cardiovascular Center of Yuma
Claudia Dima, MD
1025 W. 24th Street, Ste. 27
Yuma, AZ 85364
Office Phone: 928-344-9000f

Tony Chee, MD
Tony Chee, MD
1773 W. 24th St. #B
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 344-8748

Yuma Cardiology Associates
Joseph Cardenas, MD
Oday Al Rabadi, MD
Kris Ozuna, NP
Roger Hucek, MD
German Rossell, MD
Sharon Shahzad Sadeghinia, MD
1975 W. 24th St
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 341-9522

Yuma Regional Medical Center Transitional Care Services
Carolyn Hull, NP
Irene Villalpando, NP
2451 S. Ave. A
Suite A104
(928) 336-2465

Cardiology - Electrophysiology

Yuma Regional Medical Center Electrophysiology (EP) Cardiology
Jonathan Mann, MD
David Meyer, MD
Yuma Regional Medical Center Specialty Clinics
2851 S. Ave. B, Bldg. 20, Suite 2001f
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336 - 2434

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation
1501 W. 24st. Yuma AZ 85364, Suite 206
(928) 336-1015

Cardiac Surgery (Heart Surgery)

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cardiovascular & Thorasic Surgery Clinic
Ramaswamy Ravikumar, MD
Peter Tsai, MD
James Moon, MD
1501 West 24th Street, Ste. 202 & 203
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-1675

Endocrinology (Glands)

Yuma Regiona Medical Center Endocrinology
Yanal Masannat, MD
Moinuddin Mokhashi, MD
Yuma Regional Medical Center Specialty Clinics
2851 S. Ave. B, Bldg. 20, Suite 2001
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 336-2434


Endoscopy Center of Yuma
Alec Esker, MD
Divesh Anireddy, MD
Seth Miller, MD
Arun Pillai, MD
1030 W 24th St 1
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 343-1717

Yuma Gastroenterology
Alec Esker, MD
Divesh Anireddy, MD
Seth Miller, MD
Stacey Kirkland, NP
Kristie Van Dyn Hoven, NP
Mary Rush, NP
Wade McBride, PA
Arun Pillai, MD
Julian Nicholas, MD
Soba Iyeimo, PA-C
Ketan Patel, PA
Ogechi Ebere-Amanchukwu, NP
Sandra Kellet, PA-C
Weston Wilson, PA-C
1390 W 16th St
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 344-4325

Infectious Diseases

Yuma Infectious Diseases
Engida Alemu, MD
2281 W. 24th Street, Suite 11
(928) 314-3102

Multispecialty Care

Yuma County Public Health Department

  • Family Planning & STD Clinic
  • HIV Clinic
  • Tuberculosis Clinic
  • HealthStart
  • NICP (Newborn Intensive Care Program)

2200 W 28th St.
Yuma, AZ 85364
Office Phone: (928) 317-4559

Nephrology (Kidney)

Yuma Nephrology, PC
Kamal Ahmed, MD
Trinidad Lim, MD
Annie Hyon, DO
1220 West 24th Street, Ste. 1
(928) 329-8331

Neurology (Nervous System)

Rawinson Fernando, MD
Rawinson Fernando, MD
2281 W 24th St Suite #6
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 539-9402


Yuma Regional Medical Center OB/GYN
845 East B Street
San Luis, AZ
(928) 336-2434

Orthopedic (Bone & Joint)

Desert Spine Institute
Shawn Hermenau, MD
2851 S. Ave. B
Suite 2401
Yuma AZ, 85364

Gregory Peare, MD, PC
Gregory Peare, MD
2281 West 24 Street, Ste 2
(928) 344-3232

Yuma Regional Medical Center Center for Bone and Joint Health
Robert Kaye, MD
Ken Kaylor, MD
William Tontz, Sr. MD
Gary B. Zoellner, MD
1501 W. 24th St. Ste. C
Yuma, AZ 85364

Palliative Care

Yuma Regional Medical Center Supportive Care Services
Jeanne Elnadry, MD
2851 S Avenue B #25
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-7095


Yuma Regional Medical Center Pediatrics
Patti Perry, MD
2770 S. Ridgeway Dr., Suite 201
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-6830

Pediatric Subspecialty Care (Children)

Yuma Regional Medical Center Children's Rehabilitative Services
2851 S Ave B #25
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-7095


Yuma Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Center

Ankur Bindal, MD
Miguel A. Tosado, MD
Yuma Regional Medical Center Specialty Clinics
2851 S Ave B, Bldg. 20, Suite 2001
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-2434

Pulmonology (Lung)

Arizona Chest & Sleep
Abdulkadir Hourani, MD
2051 W. 25th St. #C
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 344-4111

Raj Lung Clinic
Sridhar Rajamani, MD
2110 W. 24th St. Ste. A
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 344-1891

Sleep Center of Yuma
Ashvin K. Shah, MD
Marvin Lesser, MD
Blanca Huerta, NP
2110 W. 24th St. Ste. A
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 344-1891

Yuma Pulmonology
Mallappa Neelappa, MD
2275 S. Elks Lane
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 344-0810


Yuma Regional Medical Center Rheumatology
Chanda Keshavamurthy, MD
Yuma Regional Medical Center Specialty Clinics
2851 S. Ave. B, Bldg. 20, Suite 2001
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 336-2434

Wound Care

Yuma Regional Medical Center Wound Care Clinic
Matthew Dickson, DO
Kim Dickson, DO
Ronald Brooksher, MD
John Michael Lewis, MD
1501 W. 24th St.
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 336-2030


Results from the following laboratories are displayed in the YRMCCare electronic health record.

Yuma Regional Outpatient Laboratory
1500 West 24th St
Yuma AZ, 85364
(928) 336-7750

SonoraQuest Laboratory *
2270 S. Ridgeview, #306
Yuma AZ 85364
(928) 782-1684

(*If Patient has an existing record in YRMCCare or OfficeCare)