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1. Will all my past medical information and history be automatically entered into YRMCCare?

No, YRMC currently has a document repository that stores scanned medical records. This repository will stay in tact. Any information that occurs prior to May 1, 2012, will stay in the repository, anything that occurs after May 1, 2012, will live in YRMCCare. Physicians can reference the document repository as needed.

2. What happens to paper charts and old medical records?

Currently all medical paper charts are scanned into a document repository. This repository will not go away.

3. As a winter visitor, what do I need to bring with me to Yuma Regional Medical Center? Do I need to bring all my paper charts from previous physician offices?

A list of your allergies, a list of current medications you are taking, any chronic illnesses that have been noted, and information on past surgeries is helpful.

4. How does my doctor in a different state view my medical records? If I move, how do I transfer my health records?

Patients can request a copy of their medical record to take with them; this is done through our Health Information Management Department at 928-336-7017.

5. How do I know if my doctor’s office is integrated with YRMCCare?
Yuma Regional Medical Center offers community physicians OfficeCare. OfficeCare provides an integrated health record, sharing the database with YRMCCare. OfficeCare makes it easy for physicians to place orders and minimize documentation workload. A complete community care record contributes to safer, more coordinated care in the hospital and physician office. Click here to see if your physician uses OfficeCare.
6. How do I know my information is safe and secure?

The privacy of your medical information is a high priority at YRMC. Only the medical providers and personnel involved in your care will have access to the record. YRMC has multiple levels of security measures in place to protect your information.

7. What if there is a power outage or the system goes down?

YRMC has recently completed building a second data center, allowing us to put system redundancies in place, including dual power feeds and dual generators. Given that we now have dual data centers, our application has been built to allow for failover capability between data centers.