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Weight Loss Surgeries

Surgical weight loss is a proven, durable commitment to improving your health. Weight loss surgery is an option if your BMI is greater than 35 and you have not been able to lose weight through diet and exercise. However, surgical weight loss is not a "quick fix" for obesity. It will take a firm commitment to diet and exercise post-surgery to maintain results.

We offer the following surgical weight loss procedures:

Sleeve Gastrectomy


The Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure or Gastric Sleeve is a laparoscopic procedure that removes a large portion of the stomach. This procedure enables weight loss by changing the biology of how body weight is regulated in two ways:

  1. The small stomach causes increased satisfaction with small meal portions.
  2. The procedure changes appetite and metabolism by changing how the GI tract communicates with the brain.

These changes result in a decrease in body weight and there are no adjustments required. No foreign devices are used in this procedure. You will not experience any abnormalities in absorption of food nutrients across the GI tract and it is expected that this procedure will have an easy recovery.

The Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass is a laparoscopic surgery that involves your surgeon creating a small pouch on the top of the stomach. Creating this pouch involves stapling and intestinal rerouting.

This causes biological changes on how your body weight is regulated in two ways:
1. The small stomach causes you to be satisfied with very small meal portions.
2. The new stomach changes your appetite and metabolism by changing how the GI tract communicates with the brain.

This procedure does not require the implantation of devices into your system. After the bypass is complete, it does result in an early sense of fullness and satisfaction, reducing the desire to eat.

 Lap-Band System

The LAP-BAND procedure is a safe and efficient laparoscopic procedure where the Lap-Band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. A small pouch is created so that your stomach holds less food and you feel full longer.

Lap Band Transfer Program

Our Bariatric Clinic supports the continuum of care for adjustable band patients from other surgeons. Please call the bariatric clinic for further details.


Dense layers of fatty tissue growth in the lower abdominal area can cause a condition called panniculus. A panniculectomy is a procedure for successful weight loss surgery patients 18 months out from surgery who need help with removing hanging skin on the abdomen.

During this procedure, your surgeon will surgically remove the excess skin and fat from the area and pull remaining skin together to make it tighter and smoother. 

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