We Can’t Approve $3 Million in Undefined Expenses

YRMC is setting the record straight. The time has come for the community to be aware of the misinformation and disinformation circulated by those who have a personal or political agenda claiming to be the voice for the community — when in fact, their actions demonstrate disregard for patients, YRMC employees and the community.

The current litigation between YRMC and the Hospital District began when the Hospital District, in apparent retaliation for prior events (described in yesterday’s article), increased its 2020 budget for administrative expenses (which YRMC pays as rent under the lease) from approximately $30,000 annually to over $3,000,000! In fact, YRMC’s lawsuit against the Hospital District is a matter of public record, and we urge anyone who is curious about the case to review the claims and allegations in that suit, which are set forth in detail. As you will see in those documents, YRMC is only seeking an interpretation of the lease and the Court’s ruling on whether the Hospital District’s $3,000,000 budget was in good faith or not.

As the community should know, YRMC or their business partners have paid every penny of the costs involved in improving and modernizing the hospital. The Hospital District is not financially obligated in any way for the costs of improvements to the hospital. As a reflection of its mission to serve the healthcare needs of the community, YRMC remains committed to investing its resources to make sure the hospital is a modern facility. Investing our resources is certainly a challenge when the Hospital District withholds its approval on construction projects that involve direct patient care issues. It is ironic indeed that the Hospital District Board criticizes YRMC for the fees it charges, yet was prepared to saddle YRMC with annual payments of over $3,000,000 in undefined “administrative expenses.”

At the Hospital District’s Special Meeting on December 13, one of the Board members commented on the mediation that took place before YRMC filed suit. First, mediation is a requirement under the lease before either party may file a lawsuit under the lease. Second, the offers and proposals exchanged at mediation are supposed to be private and stay between the parties. We can share with you, however, that as YRMC was making comprehensive compromise proposals on modifying and clarifying the current lease, the Hospital District Board walked out of the mediation without any notice, warning or explanation.

The Hospital District Board often mentions the pending litigation with YRMC but never explains why it left the mediation without ever considering YRMC’s settlement proposals. Perhaps the Hospital District did not want to resolve these issues after all and instead chose to grandstand to the public and play the victim.