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Improvements Impacting Patient Care Denied by Hospital District

The Hospital District Board claims it serves the healthcare needs of the Yuma community, but consider these facts. The lease between YRMC and the Hospital District requires YRMC to seek the approval of any construction project with an expense of more than $500,000 and the Hospital District agreed in the lease that it would not unreasonably withhold its approval.  However, the Hospital District has denied approval for projects, outlined below, stating it doesn’t have enough information to approve the project, which is untrue.

YRMC has a number of facility upgrades needed to improve direct patient care.

The Hospital District heard a summary of projects listed below in June of 2018, with a full master facility plan presented in January 2019.  In accordance with the lease, we returned to the Hospital District in May 2021 with written requests to approve:

  • Expansion of the hospital lab, which has outgrown its current space, and is in need of modern and state-of-the-art equipment. The YRMC laboratory team has heroically stepped up during the pandemic to provide 24 hour lab processing– including added support for our County Health Department – yet, the District Board has denied their request for added equipment and infrastructure. 
  • Expansion and relocation of the Sterile Processing and Delivery area (where surgical instruments are sterilized and delivered to the operating rooms.)
  • Completion of construction of the area for a new MRI in the hospital, to avoid the need to transport hospitalized patients to another facility for an MRI. This puts an unnecessary hardship on patients and staff.
The Hospital District tabled these requests and insisted on a tour of these areas. YRMC hosted the tour for Hospital District Board members and resubmitted its request at the next Hospital District meeting in June 2021. YRMC confirmed it had the funds to pay for these projects, and was prepared to begin all three pending the Hospital District’s approval. At the request of the Hospital District, YRMC provided all the details about these projects in writing.

Still the Hospital District withheld its approval and tabled the requests. These projects cannot start without the Hospital District’s approvals.

While the Hospital District must approve construction on the property, the cost and care of patients are the responsibility of YRMC as the tenant. YRMC has continued to invest significant resources into the YRMC main campus facilities to directly benefit the needs of patients and the community we serve. Modern facilities are also instrumental in the recruitment of medical professionals – helping to make YRMC and Yuma an attractive career choice.

These projects serve the community’s healthcare needs. Perhaps the public should question the Hospital District as to why it has not approved these requests, and whether it is truly motivated to serve this community. We believe Yuma deserves state-of–the-art facilities and access to care closer to where they live and work.