Why Are Actions to Improve Healthcare a Concern to the District Board?

Yuma hospital truthWhy are the progressive actions to bring more services and better quality healthcare to Yuma such a concern of the Hospital District Board No. 1? Perhaps it’s because this isn’t about providing better healthcare at all. The very fact that they continue to encourage negativity and false claims points to their own personal need to win in what they term as “a battle.” We are not here to “battle,” and this isn’t a “poker hand” they claim it to be. It appears that the District Board has completely lost sight of their role.

Their role is not “to battle,” in fact it is exactly the opposite of their defined responsibility – their elected role is to ensure that the YRMC campus is used to provide healthcare services to the community.

Their role is to approve projects that improve care for patients, like the recently denied MRI and lab updates. It’s not reasonable to deny patients a service for personal gain or leverage.

It’s time for the false claims and personal attacks to stop. The constant noise created by this venomous group is hurting our hospital, employees and our community. As this group continues to push out false and hurtful claims, it is decaying the reputation of our entire community. Employees at YRMC are also feeling and expressing the impact of the constant negative attacks, which demoralize the valuable services they provide every day. This community and our hospital have so much to be proud of!

We also know that we are not perfect and we have more work to do. We do not have time to be distracted by such negative and unjustified noise. Many of you have reached out saying that you support what YRMC is doing to improve care and want to see us continue those efforts. People have also shared that they are not comfortable sharing support in a public forum lined with intimidation and bullying tactics. We look forward to a respectful and constructive dialogue with our community that focuses us in a positive direction.

We don’t claim to have all the answers and we also recognize that we sometimes make mistakes. Our decision to explore a partnership with LifePoint is one we own. Our decision to not move forward was based on our commitment to the needs of patients overall — not on the needs of a few. We are content with where we landed and excited for the future.

YRMC is singularly focused on serving our community with high-quality care, which is our permanent mission and non-negotiable.

This will be true whether we decide to remain independent or take advantage of the opportunity to partner with another system in the future. Yuma has the opportunity to be one of the best performing hospitals in the nation — population health models, innovative solutions that come from engaged employees and a community who supports those efforts is exciting. We appreciate the opportunity to serve this community and look forward to providing care here for the next 50 years and beyond.