YRMC Provides Financial Reports Every Year

The Hospital District falsely claims that YRMC “went dark” at the end of 2019 and no longer provides any information to the Hospital District about YRMC. This is a false and misleading statement. ​

The lease between YRMC and the Hospital District, which only involves the main hospital property and none of the outlying YRMC locations, requires YRMC to provide the Hospital District with its annual audited financial statements, evidence of insurance and a property inventory.

YRMC provides the Hospital District with its comprehensive audited financial statements each year at the conclusion of the audit, typically in January.

When the Hospital District claims it does not have financial information regarding YRMC, does it mean they did not read the annual financial statements or did they completely ignore them? Either way, when the Hospital District makes comments at public meetings that YRMC has “gone dark” and has not provided financial information about the hospital’s operations, perhaps it should mention that YRMC continues to provide comprehensive audited financial statements annually, as is its duty under the lease.

Perhaps the Hospital District should also mention that YRMC has made at least three presentations over the past two years to the Hospital District  Board in open session, and hosted a tour of the facilities for members of the Hospital District Board, in an effort to obtain the Hospital District’s approval for construction projects that require approvals under the lease. These presentations all included financial information about the hospital.

What the Hospital District seems to forget to mention is that until late 2019, YRMC typically sent a representative to Hospital District meetings to volunteer a report on hospital operations.

However, the Hospital District Board breached decorum and proper meeting order by continually encouraging the negative sentiments of a small group of individuals.

These individuals were operating with a personal agenda and not in the best interest of the community. District meetings quickly became unproductive, hostile and lined with personal revenge. At that time, YRMC then chose to end its voluntary reports to the Hospital District and focus that time and effort on caring for the community.

YRMC continues to provide the information that is required by the lease. There is no legal requirement for YRMC to send a representative to make a report at each Hospital District meeting, another truth the Hospital District fails to mention when it repeatedly makes the false claims that YRMC “went dark” in 2019.