A little over four years ago, the Yuma Regional Medical Center Board of Directors recognized that our community needed more from our hospital. Instead of being comfortable with what we had, we needed to become comfortable with exploring new opportunities to improve care.
This important decision ignited an unwavering commitment to accelerate improvements at Yuma Regional Medical Center.  We set high expectations to improve clinical quality, decrease wait times in the Emergency Department, enhance the patient experience, provide superior service, improve access to see providers and reduce the overall cost of care. Why?

Because we believe that our community deserves better care now.

YRMC is growing with a purposeful vision to expand the availability and quality of care in our region.  We invite you to learn more about our journey of “always improving” as we continue to transform care in our region. 

Yuma Pediatrics for Kids

We Believe Kids Are a Priority

Childhood is full of adventure, friendship and laughter. At YRMC, our priority is to keep your children happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve recruited new pediatricians and pediatric specialists, plus expanded our clinic hours.

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We Believe We're Stronger Together

During times of uncertainty, such as the current battle against COVID-19, we are simply inspired by our community rallying around each other – so generously helping friends, neighbors and even strangers.

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We Believe
It's About Time

Time spent searching for adventure, not a doctor. That’s why we’ve recruited 61 new providers to our community. And we’re not done yet.

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