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We Believe Kids Are a Priority

Childhood is full of adventure, friendship and laughter. At Yuma Regional Medical Center, our priority is keeping your children happy and healthy. That’s why YRMC has expanded pediatric care in our community. We believe that getting your child in for an exam, when they need it, should be simple and convenient. Yet, ensuring that children have the health services they need goes deeper than just adding pediatricians. It comes from making our talented team more accessible and offering specialist care from doctors specifically trained to take care of kids. 

Keeping Kids Healthy

YRMC has been fortunate to welcome four pediatricians and a pediatric nurse practitioner to the Yuma Regional Medical Center family this past year. Thanks to these dedicated professionals, we have eight pediatricians and two pediatric nurse practitioners providing care for our youngest patients across three clinics. To give moms and dads easier access to care, we expanded clinic hours to include evening and weekend hours at our Yuma Regional Medical Center Pediatrics 22nd Drive location. 

While primary care pediatricians provide the majority of the medical care to kids in Yuma County, YRMC has more than a dozen full-time and part-time doctors who manage pediatric specialty care. For example, when a primary care pediatrician is treating a patient with complicated heart care issues, the pediatrician may refer that patient to our community’s pediatric cardiology team    led by Christopher Schmehil, MD

In addition to cardiology, YRMC offers pediatric specialists in:
  • Endocrinology
  • Diabetes Education
  • Gastroenterology
  • Nephrology (kidney care)
  • Neurology
  • Nutrition
  • Social Work
  • Urology

More Expertise for Kids at the Hospital

What do you do with a child if they need urgent or emergency medical care? Fortunately, the long-awaited arrival of pediatric emergency room specialists occurred in late 2019. Now, our Emergency Department has the doctors children need during the hours when sick or injured kids are most likely to need them.

Our pediatric hospitalists enhance the inpatient medical expertise available to Yuma’s children and adolescents. With these specialists on hand, we’ve helped ease worry for many parents. But, should your child need even more specialized care, we will help transfer care to a children’s hospital.

We remain committed to advancing pediatric care and making it a priority for families in our community. This means your priority can remain focused on making precious memories with your children… and, of course, we’ll be there to help along the way.
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