We Believe We're Stronger Together

Many aspects of daily life remain on hold. Yet, we are learning to selectively, carefully navigate our present world and meet our needs. People are succeeding with new habits allowing them to shop, work, recreate, exercise and more. As we adjust to this new normal, you can trust that Yuma Regional Medical Center stands ready to continue caring for you and your family. At YRMC, we continue leveraging new knowledge, routines and tools for you. We are maintaining COVID-safe environments for our patients where we can provide safe, high-quality care.

We Are Ready and Honored to Care for You

Stronger TogetherWith rigorous infection control practices in place, our healthcare heroes will keep your care on track while protecting you from the novel coronavirus, as well as other infections. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, our hospital team was diligent about disinfecting. Upholding our rigorous cleaning practices during the epidemic has continued to help keep our community safe. This cleanliness is part of our dedication to quality. Along with a continued dedication to infection prevention, our team remains focused on innovative processes that will help keep our patients safe. From telemedicine and virtual appointments to scheduled lab visits, we are examining our protocols and procedures to reduce the amount of time spent in waiting areas and clinical spaces.

Throughout the pandemic, YRMC has remained open to outside accreditation experts. They frequently review our hospital’s operations and safety standards. Recent inspections have confirmed the standards of excellence that allow us to maintain many key credentials.   These credentials and accreditations further validate that our hospital is upholding the highest standard of quality care at all times.

So perhaps your wise social distancing and staying at home swayed you to delay a mammogram, doctor’s appointment or procedure. If so, the time is now right for securely navigating our current healthcare with a mask, social distancing and confidence that your experiences will be safe.

The Importance of Getting Your Health Back on Track

Whether you need to schedule a surgery, a screening mammogram, your child’s immunizations or a wellness check-up, Yuma Regional Medical Center is honored to care for you and your family.

The Annual Wellness Exam

The timing is perfect for your primary care provider to conduct a safe annual wellness exam. With all that has changed in your life, this visit is a chance to review your healthful choices and address potential unhealthy habits that may have crept in during these pandemic months. In addition to lab work and a physical exam, your primary care provider is likely to screen for stress, sleep difficulties, anxiety and depression. 

Since preventive medicine is often the best medicine, Medicare and most health plans cover annual wellness exams. They are also a great way to get back in touch with your current health and healthcare provider. To find a primary care provider for your annual wellness exam, visit our Primary Care page.

Screening Mammograms

Most women are encouraged to receive a mammogram bi-annually around the age of 40, with a recommendation to switch to annual exams around 45. Because early breast cancer detection saves lives, it is important to avoid deferring your mammogram to a later date. To help streamline patient screenings, YRMC now offers mammography screenings without a physician referral. While it’s equally important to maintain annual wellness visits with your primary care provider, it is no longer required prior to visiting YRMC Outpatient Diagnostic Imaging. The time to receive your mammography is now. To schedule your mammogram, call 928-336-7400.

Immunizations – Keeping you and your Family Safe

While a national and international focus has understandably been on keeping your family protected from COVID-19, it is equally important to ensure your child is up to date with their immunization shots and routine wellness checks – keeping them safe from other diseases. Families with regular immunizations are recommended, including measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) and polio. With the impending flu season ahead, it is also vital to check with your local provider to schedule all family members to receive an annual flu shot. To schedule a pediatric visit, call 928-344-4800.

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