We Believe the Future is Bright

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) builds its healthcare services with purpose — to meet the needs of our growing community. Each facility added to our expanding healthcare system is done so with careful planning and consideration, always keeping in mind the areas of our region where care is needed most.

In recent years the Foothills and East County areas have expanded and residents have shared a desire for care closer to home. Just as Yuma continues to grow, so too does our commitment to deliver the kind of care every Yuma-area resident deserves. That’s why YRMC had decided to build the new Foothills Health Campus, which will provide a higher level of coordinated care to Foothills and East County residents. We believe the work we have done in the past has prepared us for the future and we believe that future is bright.

In Fall of 2022, YRMC and MedCraft Healthcare Real Estate project to open YRMC’s new Foothills Health Campus, which will be the first full-service healthcare facility in the Foothills. The campus will feature an Emergency Department, primary care, urgent care, pharmacy, laboratory, imaging and select specialty services, including OB/GYN. This new facility will bring more than just new services to residents in this area, it will also offer the convenience of care all in one location.

“This building is more than brick and mortar. It’s a long-awaited resource in the Foothills that represents our commitment to improve access to healthcare in our community,” said Trudie Milner, Ph.D., YRMC’s Chief Operating Officer. “By expanding healthcare services, we’ll have the ability to deliver high quality, individualized care for each person who walks through our doors, from young families to seniors.”

The Foothills Health Campus primary care clinic will occupy the second floor of the new 57,800 square foot, two-story facility.  This expanded clinic will focus on three major areas: family medicine, pediatrics and women’s health. Services will also include rotating specialists from other YRMC clinics, such as cardiology, oncology and surgical specialties. The Emergency Department, located on the ground floor, will have eight observation rooms, 11 treatment rooms and two trauma rooms. The facility will also include patient and family support areas, such as a small cafĂ© and a community education room. Patients and families can expect a modern, inviting facility, designed to offer a full complement of services.

“Through an extensive collaboration, we feel that the design and functionality of the new building will be a home run for the Foothills community,” said Dr. Adil M. Baig, medical director of the foothills campus and member of the design team. “We have seen monumental growth in the Foothills and we are truly excited about caring for patients in this new facility,” he said.

YRMC is committed to making decisions about growth and expansion based on what is best for our patients and community’s needs. YRMC Foothills Health Campus honors this commitment and secures the health and well-being of our community now and for the future.

Foothills primary care and urgent care

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