Clinical Pastoral Education Program

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Yuma Regional Medical Center educates persons of all faiths to provide comfort, support, spiritual and pastoral care to patients and their families during their hospital experience. Yuma Regional Medical Center is accredited to offer Level I, Level II and Certified Educator Clinical Pastoral Education. Yuma Regional Medical Center’s CPE program is accredited by:
The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: 404-320-1472
Fax: 404-320-0849
The CPE Experience: Our CPE Residency Program is recognized nationally for its exceptionally high standards. The program provides post graduate education that offers an empowering learning environment which encourages personal, professional and spiritual growth utilizing an action/reflection model of learning. This model allows students to learn how to provide spiritual and emotional support to individuals of all faiths and beliefs, and to accompany them on their journey.

Throughout the program, students experience a wide range of unique opportunities to practice ministry within an interdisciplinary team environment. For example, students will work with situations involving trauma, grief, end-of-life issues, crisis intervention and the initiation of advance directives. They will become certified through the Donor Network of Arizona, as Designated Requestors, to approach grieving family members for tissue donation. Yuma Regional Medical Center typically offers four to six (4-6) residencies each year and supports each residency with a generous stipend.
Program Length:  Yuma Regional Medical Center offers a 12-month, 3-unit residency program.  This post-graduate residency is a full-time position.  Flexibility is expected as shifts may differ and hours are dependent upon guest’s spiritual needs.

Additionally, YRMC may offer a Summer Internship unit and an Extended unit of Clinical Pastoral Education.  The Internship is a full-time 3-month program. The Extended is more flexible and may be completed in conjunction with other employment.  One extended unit covers a 6-month timespan.  

Prerequisites: To apply for a residency, candidates should have successfully completed a Graduate Theological Degree from a school accredited by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). In addition, it is required that prospective students have completed one unit of CPE.
How to Apply
Download and complete the CPE Application, then return it by fax or mail to:
Rev. Mark Mallinger
ACPE Certified Educator 
Yuma Regional Medical Center
Department of Spiritual Care
2400 S. Avenue A
Yuma, AZ 85364
Phone: 928-336-3065
Fax: 928-336-7510
Email: [email protected]
If you have any questions about the CPE Residency Program at Yuma Regional Medical Center, please contact our Spiritual Care Office at 928-336-7002.




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