Schedule Second Dose via MyCare

When appointments for the second dose of the Moderna vaccine become available, schedule your  appointment through the MyCare online portal. (Note: vaccination scheduling does not work on the smartphone app. You must use a computer to access the online portal.)

When you log in to your MyCare account, you'll receive a prompt notification that you are eligible to make an appointment. Click on that prompt and follow the instructions to find a date and time that work for you.

Scheduling your vaccine via MyCare patient portal

Follow these steps for scheduling your vaccination appointment. 

1. Log in to MyCare with your username and password 

2. On the Quick Links option, click on Schedule an Appointment or select the Visits (calendar icon), and click Schedule an Appointment.

Quick Links

Schedule Appointment

A. If you see an order for SAR-COV-2 VACCINE under Appointments you need to schedule and a Schedule Now button, proceed to Step 3 on the next page. 

B. If you do not see an order for SARS-COV-2 VACCINE, you will not be able to schedule using MyCare. Instead, please call the YRMC Vaccine Registration Call Center at 833-372-5640 to schedule your vaccination. 

3. Click on the Schedule Now button on the vaccine order.

Schedule Appointment

4. Health Questionnaire: There will be 2-3 questions to confirm eligibility to receive the vaccine. 

NOTE: Patients who
  • Are experiencing symptoms
  • Have had a serious reaction to any vaccine
  • Are pregnant
are not candidates for the Covid Vaccination. Please follow up with your primary care physician. 

5. Complete the Start search on box by filling in the date, then select the appointment time.

Schedule Time

6. Review the appointment details and click the Schedule button to complete.

7. Appointment scheduled. Please wear a mask and bring approved Identification*  
*State issued Drivers License; State issued Identification; Passport;   Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS)

To cancel, please call 833-372-5640.

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