COVID-19 (Coronavirus) YRMC Update

Yuma Regional Medical Center is committed to ensuring the safety of our patients and employees. We believe that together, we can stay smart about COVID-19 and minimize its impact on our family, friends and community.

What is YRMC actively doing to ensure the safety of staff and patients?

In early March, YRMC initiated our COVID-19 Command Center. Our team comprised of physicians, nursing and other clinical and support leaders met regularly to fully assess and adjust planning tactics. We implemented a tiered escalation plan that assessed our projected needs. We opened a 36-bed COVID-19 isolation floor designed to bring focused resources and care to these patients. When that floor reached capacity, we opened an additional unit where we are now caring for many COVID-19 patients. Our readiness plans also include the specific deployment of equipment (beds, ventilators, infusion pumps, etc.) to make sure that our staff have what they need when it is needed.

When patients with COVID-19 symptoms present at the ED or other YRMC locations, we follow a robust treatment protocol to further evaluate, test and care for them. If a staff member develops symptoms, we use the same process to assess and treat them. We have administered more than 3,500 COVID-19 tests to community members. Fortunately, the vast majority—more than 75%— have tested negative. Testing is an essential tool, and YRMC will keep testing.

YRMC is a part of our great community. Therefore, we continue to coordinate care with private practice physicians, urgent cares, nursing homes and other healthcare providers. We have ongoing communications with local mayors, elected officials and top public health leaders throughout our community, as we work collectively to minimize risk and keep our community well informed.

Does YRMC have enough beds, staff and supplies for the projected peak of patients?

YRMC implemented a phased capacity plan in March, to accommodate higher volumes. The capacity plan contains a tiered escalation model (0-3 tiers). Tier levels take into account resources such as beds, supplies, staffing and ventilators. In addition to the current in-use COVID-19 units, a third designated floor is on stand-by and ready to operationalize when needed.

A Nursing Deployment Command Center was developed in early April to bring in additional staffing as needed. Local nurse staffing agencies have helped us to bring on additional nurses, much like they do during our winter high volumes.

Our focus remains on daily planning and looking ahead to ensure we are prepared to handle potential increases in volume. It is important that we are always looking ahead to ensure we can be here for our community when they need us. With this in mind, we have decided to transfer some patients, using the Arizona State Surge Line, when it is in the best interest of the patient and our hospital. This ensures that our hospital remains under capacity, should a sudden increase of patients occur.

What about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

Across the nation, we saw hospitals stretched beyond capacity, suffering severe shortages of PPE (e.g., medical-grade masks, goggles, gowns). Long before the COVID-19 pandemic was known, Yuma Regional Medical Center had in place an extensive pandemic preparedness plan. Our preparations included a proper stockpile of PPE. Nevertheless, as we looked weeks ahead, we were concerned that our PPE supplies may run out. We've found solutions that have calmed our worries.

We have secured even more masks, face shields, gowns, gloves and goggles. We are cautiously optimistic about our outlook on PPE supplies. We owe abundant gratitude for the efforts of individuals in our community who have stepped up. We’ve also observed improvements in the medical equipment supply chain.

We are also grateful for the generous donations from our community. From hand-sewn mask covers to donations of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and financial contributions, our community has come forth to support our healthcare team.

Why are visitors being restricted?

To protect our patients and staff, we made the very difficult decision to restrict visitors to our hospital and clinics, with only limited exceptions. In essence, we social distanced the hospital from people who may have accidentally brought COVID-19 into our patient care environment.

We have moved into Phase 3 of visitor restrictions. Visitors are not currently permitted in any YRMC locations, including the ED and ambulatory clinic areas. There are some specific exceptions. We know this is a hardship that places an emotional toll on families and patients. This is not a decision we would ever consider during normal circumstances.

To help ease the impact of this new restriction, our providers and nurses have increased communication to families over the phone to ensure that care plans are clear. We are doing everything we can to make this situation as manageable as possible, while keeping our patients, employees and community safe. Knowing how important it is for families to stay connected, we are now offering Cheer Cards as a way to let your hospitalized loved one know that you are thinking of them. Cheer Cars are easy, they’re free, and we will deliver the card for you.

How can I get tested for an active COVID-19 infection or to see if I have antibodies from a past infection?

COVID-19 PRC Testing for Patients with Symptoms
Yuma Regional Medical Center offers COVID-19 testing Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5pm and Saturday from 8 am to 1pm at our offsite drive-through Lab Annex. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please call your primary care provider to request a lab order.

Please note:

  • Testing requires a provider order at YRMC.
  • Testing is by appointment only, once a lab order is placed.
  • YRMC is required to complete the testing consistent with the patient’s insurance coverage.
  • YRMC does not test asymptomatic patients or patients who require clearance testing to return to work.
  • Tests results will be available within 2 days, and patients will be notified instantly upon results if they have a MyCare account.
YRMC is one of many healthcare providers in the community providing COVID-19 testing. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, contact your primary care provider or an urgent care clinic. They will direct you to a COVID-19 testing site. In Yuma County, there are also some drive-up testing events occurring as part of the governor's testing blitz. For dates and locations of local drive-up testing sites, visit


COVID-19 Antibody Testing
Antibody testing does not tell you if you have COVID-19. It tells patients if they have had COVID-19 in the past. The University of Arizona is offering free antibody testing to all first responders and healthcare workers. This test is offered in conjunction with Yuma Regional Medical Center by appointment only. Appointments can be made at

Yuma Regional Medical Center is also offering antibody testing to the general public with a provider order. If you would like an antibody test, reach out to your primary care provider, and they will be able to give you further instructions on how to receive this test.

What is YRMC doing to keep patients and staff safe as elective procedures ramp up?

Among our many efforts to keep everyone safe, we are wearing masks, testing patients for COVID-19 and restricting visitors. All this as our hospital begins to offer elective services that were postponed by state mandate. Our current practice is for all employees, contracted staff, doctors and vendors to wear a mask or cloth face covering while working at any Yuma Regional Medical Center facility. We are masking many patients, as well.

We continue to test all patients who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. For those patients scheduling a future elective surgery, part of the new process includes administering a COVID-19 before the procedure. The patients then must self-quarantine until the day of the surgery to reduce the risk of exposure to themselves, other hospital patients or our staff.

What if I am a patient at one of your clinics and need follow-up?

In an effort to maintain care needed by our community, many of our YRMC clinics are now offering virtual follow-up options with established patients. That means that YRMC providers can provide quality care for many patients over the phone. This service has been well received by patients and doctors alike.

Are all YRMC services open during this pandemic?

Yes. However, several YRMC clinics have modified hours. View the full list. Also, YRMC’s Health Records and Patient Financial Services departments have moved all services to online or by telephone. If you need to send your medical records to a non-YRMC provider, we now offer three convenient options:

  • Use the MyCare Portal to view or print your record via or the Yuma Regional MyCare App on your smartphone.
  • Print, fill out and submit the authorization form found at
  • Have your provider call YRMC Health Records at 928-336-7017.

To receive your medical records for personal use, we offer two convenient options:

There are four easy options to make payments:

  • Online via MyCare Portal at
  • Using the Yuma Regional MyCare app on your smartphone. Download it today in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  • By phone at 928-336-7030
  • By check or money order mailed to:
 Yuma Regional Medical Center
 P.O. Box 650534
 Dallas, TX 75397-0534

How can I manage my health from home?

During these weeks of COVID-19 isolation, many patients are staying in touch with their doctors’ offices using the patient portal MyCare. Using MyCare, you can send a secure message to your doctor’s office to ask a question or request a medication refill. You can also use MyCare to request an appointment with your doctor. Patients are also using the app to pay their bills and keep track of health histories including lab results, allergies, medications, health summaries, provider visit notes and immunizations. It’s easy to sign up. Visit or download the Yuma Regional MyCare app in the Apple App Store or Google Play


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