Healing Touch

To assist patients in the healing process, the Spiritual Care team at Yuma Regional Medical Center offers a non-medicinal, non-invasive therapy called Healing Touch. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Healing Touch therapy:

How does Healing Touch work?
Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy in which the practitioner uses a light or near-body touch to restore harmony and balance to the patient’s energy system. The goal of this therapy is to promote healing for the patient’s mind, body and spirit and to help the patient manage pain, stress and anxiety.

What does it cost to have Healing Touch treatments?
If you are a patient who has been admitted to Yuma Regional Medical Center, there is no charge for you to receive Healing Touch treatments. If you are not a hospital patient but would like to receive Healing Touch therapy, please call 928-336-2599 for information on appointment times and fees.

How can I learn more about Healing Touch therapy?
Ask your nurse to help you find the “Introduction to Healing Touch” video on the closed-circuit Patient Education channel on the television in your hospital room. You may also ask to speak to one of the hospital’s Healing Touch practitioners. Additional information about Healing Touch therapy is available online at

To request a Healing Touch treatment, ask your nurse or call 928-336-2599.

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