Protect Valuables By Leaving Them at Home

Leaving your valuables at home is the best way to secure them during your hospital visit.

Of course, many hospital visits are surprises or unplanned emergencies. So, you may have arrived wearing jewelry or carrying your purse or wallet. It is best to send your cash, purse, wallet, wedding ring and other jewelry home with someone you trust. If you have valuables you cannot arrange to send home, please ask your nurse for assistance placing them in the hospital safe.

YRMC is not responsible for valuable belongings left unsecured. If you have property lost or stolen, ask a member of our staff to contact Security to submit a report. You may also call Security at ext. 2400.

Valuables Disappear in Hospitals

It happens too frequently. All across America, patients' valuables disappear in hospitals. They fall into sheets and onto the floor or get left on meal trays. As they should, patients sleep a lot in the hospital. Some conditions cause them to be disoriented for a while. It is impossible to keep track of belongings during those moments.

Personal items get lost when we transport patients to different places in the hospital. And yes, there are visitors and care team members who come and go. Unfortunately, the hospital environment is not kind to valuables.

Patients should be healing instead of worrying about their belongings. So, please leave your valuables at home.

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