Yuma On Call 

Videos about health from your YRMC family practice residents

At Yuma Regional Medical Center, we believe today’s technology has the power to address our most prevalent diseases. These videos, produced by the doctors training in the Family & Community Medicine Residency, provide a wealth of health information. Focusing on predominant health conditions in Yuma County, the video library provides straightforward education from experts—our doctors. These short videos will help you and thousands of others live healthier lives and avoid future illnesses, doctor visits, hospital stays, medical expenses and sick days.

Yuma On Call Video Library

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Learn how and why it's important to monitor your blood pressure.

Primary Care Providers - What Are They and Why You Need One

Learn why everybody should establish care with a primary care provider.

Importance of Regular Exercise

Learn how to keep the human body running as long as possible.


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