Adult-Centered Programs

The Foundation is committed to meeting the needs of the adults in our community at every stage of their lives. The programs we offer include:

Healthy Eating Adventure (H.E.A)

This is a 28-day program in which adults are provided with the education, tools, and resources they need to benefit from adopting a nutrient-dense, plant-based lifestyle. A reformed, healthy approach to living isn’t the only benefit of this program. Participants also enjoy a like-minded and friendly support system where successes are tracked and celebrated.

For more information, or to enroll in this program, please contact Carol Urling by emailing [email protected].

End of Life Program

This program addresses a unique and necessary educational need for our health care professionals. Dr. Jeanne Elnadry has implemented a comprehensive course in which students learn the skill of graciously and eloquently communicating with families of patients entering end of life care to offer them support and guide them through this difficult time.

For more information about these programs, make a donation or get involved, please call the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center at 928-336-7045.

Explore Further

School Children

Helping our community’s children get off to a healthy start in life is an important goal of the Foundation

Pet Therapy Dog

The Foundation also has many programs that support our community’s needs in a variety of ways.

Tractor Rodeo

Fundraising events are the lifeblood of the Foundation. They enable us to secure the resources necessary to provide vitally-needed programs and services to our community.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Girl Playing Golf

Visit our events calendar for a complete listing of Yuma Regional Medical Center events, classes, seminars and support groups.

Thank You for Giving

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Whether you offer few or many hours, the generous donation of your time can truly make a difference in our community.

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