Community-Centered Programs

The Foundation has many programs that support our community’s needs in a variety of ways:

  • Here’s to Your Health Seminars — The Foundation offers monthly educational presentations and hospital tours for members of the local community to help them gain a greater understanding of Yuma Regional Medical Center’s programs and services.
  • Cancer Resource Center Support — This program is designed to provide supplemental and complementary support for patients receiving care at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center. Funding raised is used for nutritive shakes and gas cards can be given to cancer patients to help reduce these extraneous but necessary costs while they are undergoing treatment.
  • Butterfly Project — The Yuma Regional Medical Center Butterfly Project is a program that supports patients and their families while the patient is receiving comfort care or after their passing. Through this program, families whose loved one has passed will receive a butterfly, candle and card from the staff that cared for their loved one. These symbols represent the care and concern the medical staff of Yuma Regional Medical Center has for patients and their families.
  • Pet Visitation Program — This program provides funds to cover the cost of maintaining and training our furry four-legged friends that visit patients and boost morale.
  • Planned Giving Professional Seminars — The newest of programs supported by the Foundation which seeks to provide educational materials for industry professionals within Accounting, Financial Planning, Real Estate and Legal sectors. This network cultivating and continuing education granting seminar, provides complementary continuing education credits right in your own back yard.

For more information about these programs, make a donation or get involved, please call the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center at 928-336-7045.

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School Children

The Foundation is also committed to meeting the needs of the adults in our community at every stage of their lives.

Cancer Survivors

Helping our community’s children get off to a healthy start in life is an important goal of the Foundation

Happy Employees

Fundraising events are the lifeblood of the Foundation. They enable us to secure the resources necessary to provide vitally-needed programs and services to our community.

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Playing Golf

Visit our events calendar for a complete listing of Yuma Regional Medical Center events, classes, seminars and support groups.

Thank You for Giving
Early diagnosis could save your life. Learn more about our lung screening program.
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