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Yuma-Area Businesses and Organizations Recognized for Excellence in Workplace Wellness

Yuma-Area Businesses and Organizations Recognized for Excellence in Workplace Wellness

YUMA, AZ – June 30, 2016 – Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is excited to announce that it is one of five local organizations recognized by Healthy Arizona Worksites Program (HAWP) for excellence in wellness programming, receiving Gold status at this year's event.

The City of San Luis, The Growers Company, Regional Center for Border Health and Yuma County were also recognized for having outstanding wellness programs for their employees.

Healthy Arizona Worksites awards recognize employers that are making evidence-based efforts to support the health and well-being of their employees and their families. To apply for the HAWP award, each organizations was required to attend a training seminar prior to submitting an extensive application that focused on developing a plan to improve employee health and safety. To qualify for the Silver and Gold levels of the award, employers need to support employee health through policy and systems changes.

HAWP recognizes three levels of awards:

Gold Award Level – Yuma County & Yuma Regional Medical Center

A Gold Level Award is awarded to businesses that are tracking and documenting outcomes and behavior change. Gold level programs have demonstrated institutional support and have integrated worksite health programs with business policies and benefits. Their programming is data and outcomes driven.

Silver Award Level – The Growers Company

The Silver award level indicates that an employer's worksite program includes the minimum components needed for a comprehensive worksite health program including, senior level management support, an active wellness team, a program budget and use of data.

Copper Award Level – City of San Luis & Regional Center for Border Health

The Copper award level recognizes a business that has taken the initial steps to receive worksite health training, gain leadership support, begin organizational assessment, create infrastructure supports and fashion an introductory worksite health improvement plan.

"Nearly four years ago, YRMC made a commitment to our employees to design and support a workplace wellness program that puts their health and wellness needs first," said Jenn Lotz, Director of Corporate Health at YRMC. "Since then, we have gathered evidence to prove the effectiveness of our wellness program and have been committed to community employers, assisting with their wellness needs through YRMC's Healthy Workforce program."

Through Healthy Workforce, YRMC works with local businesses and organizations to organize comprehensive wellness screenings and to assist with maintaining their workplace wellness programs – becoming a part of their wellness teams. Healthy Workforce helps companies identify areas of improvement in employee health and organizes wellness presentations, newsletters, challenges and activities.

"The Growers Company is excited to be recognized by HAWP as we continue our efforts towards creating a healthy workplace and a culture of wellness," said Trey Rodriguez, General Manager. "We could not have done it without our partners at YRMC and Pinnacle Healthcare. They have made the implementation and progress of our program fun and seamless. The first three years have been inspiring; we are enthusiastic for the future of wellness with our work family."

Healthy Workforce has worked with The Growers Company for more than four years and with the City of San Luis since summer of 2015.

"The City of San Luis Wellness Team is proud to receive the Copper Healthy Arizona Worksite Award for the City's health and wellness efforts this past year," said Omar Heredia, HR Training and Programs Coordinator for the City of San Luis. "We look forward to promoting employee and community health & wellness in years to come."

"We are thankful to our YRMC employees for making the hospital's wellness program a success and we are proud of the City of San Luis and The Growers Company," said Lotz. "Congratulations to all of our community partners on being 2016 HAWP award recipients."

For more information on Healthy Workforce or to inquire about working with YRMC on your company's wellness program, email [email protected] or call 928-336-7923.

Yuma Regional Medical Center is a 406-bed, not-for-profit hospital dedicated to providing outstanding medical care to the residents of Yuma and the surrounding communities in southwestern Arizona. The YRMC team includes over 2,000 employees, 300 doctors and hundreds of volunteers who work closely together to create a welcoming, caring, and compassionate environment for patients and their families.

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