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New YRMC policy aims to keep Yuma healthy during upcoming flu season

New YRMC policy aims to keep Yuma healthy during upcoming flu season
Flu vaccinations now mandatory for employees

To help protect patients, employees and the community in general from infection during the upcoming flu season, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) recently announced mandatory vaccinations for all employees

The change in YRMC's vaccination policy was announced by Dr. Robert Trenschel, CEO and President for YRMC. Trenschel stressed that flu is "so common, so serious and absolutely preventable."

Statistics show that 30,000 Americans will die this year from the flu.

"Flu is a significant illness that hits Yuma particularly hard each winter - and we have a way to help prevent it," Trenschel said. "Flu vaccination makes absolute sense, wherever you work. If you have ever had the flu, you will never miss another flu shot. It's truly a debilitating sickness."

The hospital leader emphasized that flu vaccination is especially important for healthcare workers.

YRMC employees with the flu can pass the sickness on to patients and their families. Flu also threatens the health of hospital employees during peak winter months when demand on the hospital is greatest and full staffing is especially crucial.

"We work in an industry where staying healthy truly matters most," Trenschel said. "As employees of YRMC, we serve an organization that is this community's primary source of healthcare. Our community needs and deserves a hospital with employees who aren't only well trained, but healthy as well."

The new vaccination policy includes an exception for YRMC employees who should not receive the flu vaccination for medical reasons. Trenschel, a licensed physician, said that the number of employees not vaccinated will be extremely small.

Policies making flu vaccination mandatory for employees stand as an industry standard in American healthcare.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) underscores the importance of healthcare workers receiving their flu vaccinations. In fact, the agency recommends the vaccine for all Americans over the age of 6 months.

"I am proud that YRMC is taking the crucial step of making flu vaccinations mandatory for all employees," Trenschel said. "This decision amounts to a tremendously important commitment to the health of our employees and our patients."

Yuma Regional Medical Center: is a 406-bed, not-for-profit hospital dedicated to providing outstanding medical care to the residents of Yuma and the surrounding communities in southwestern Arizona. The YRMC team includes more than 2,000 employees, 300 medical providers and hundreds of volunteers who work closely together to create a welcoming, caring, and compassionate environment for patients and their families.

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