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Honored Nurses

Three Yuma Regional Medical Center nurses led recent awards ceremony.

YRMC extends its proud congratulations to three of our nurses who were among only four who earned top honors during the Yuma County Nursing Excellence Awards last week.

What excellence news to be announced during National Nurses Week.

Leading the way during the awards ceremony was YRMC’s very own Danielle Miller, NP. Miller was named Yuma County Nurse of the Year. In addition to that top honor, she was also presented with the Excellence in Clinical Nursing Award.

“To be a nurse is fulfilling, it's challenging, it's emotional, it's trying but most of all you get to give of yourself to make somebody’s else's life better," Miller told the Yuma Sun newspaper.

The Yuma County Nursing Excellence Awards celebration was hosted by the local chapters of the Arizona Nurses Association and Association of Hispanic Nurses.

Miller’s nomination letter included the following: "Danielle is an excellent nurse practitioner, with a great bedside manner. Her patients always seem to be satisfied with the care they receive from her. She is always available for questions and advice for both her clients and her co-workers at the hospital, and she puts in long hours and sees many patients each day."

Amber Ortega, RN (Observation) was also honored that evening. Ortega was presented with the Christo Brito: Light of Nursing Award. Recipients of this award are honored by embodying compassion, caring, service and empathy, as well as an ability to exemplify the art of nursing.

Ortega’s nomination included: "Amber has a unique ability to genuinely exemplify and transfer her compassion onto her peers, patients, family and those that surround her.”

Carolyn Hull, NP (Transitional Care Services) was presented with the Mentorship Excellence Award for teaching, mentoring, and fostering the growth and development of nursing students and new nurses.

Hull’s nomination letter include: "Both through her interactions with me and with her patients she displayed extraordinary compassion, attentiveness and dedication to her passion for patient education. Her belief in the power of teaching to improve outcomes made a lasting impression on me."

Also awarded during the ceremony was the AZNA Rio Colorado Chapter 7 Continuing Education Scholarship worth $1,000. The scholarship was given to another YRMC nurse, Emily Adams, RN (2 West).

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