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Rudy Valenzuela, Ph.D, F.N.P. earns humanitarian honor

Please join YRMC in congratulating Rudy Valenzuela, Ph.D, F.N.P. on earning the 2018 David O. Landrith Humanitarian Award from the Arizona Medical Association.

Valenzuela practices at Yuma Regional Medical Center Primary Care - San Luis.

He received his honor from the Arizona Medical Association during the 2018 President’s Awards Banquet at the Phoenix Country Club.
“Working for the most underprivileged on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border is a reward on itself. Providing access to healthcare to all has always been a personal goal of mine,” Valenzuela said. “YRMC Primary Care - San Luis’ recent merger with YRMC has only enhanced that availability of healthcare services to South Yuma County. I am grateful for that.”

From Valenzuela’s nomination: “He spends mornings at YRMC Primary Care - San Luis, then travels each afternoon to a mission clinic he founded in San Luis, Rio Colorado, Mexico. His nonprofit clinic in Mexico serves 50,000 patients a year, charging patients $2 for a consultation. If they cannot afford that price, the help is totally free. When resources aren’t available through any other means, he pays for whatever is needed out of his own pocket.”

As a priest with the Catholic Church, Valenzuela’s humanitarian service has spanned from churches in Mexico to humanitarian work in the Skid Row neighborhood of Los Angeles.

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