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Caring for Our Community

Sometimes patients need a little extra support, including the need for transitional care. 

Sometimes patients need a little extra support. In some cases patients may need transitional care, where they are closely monitored for a chronic illness or after a hospital stay. In other instances patients may need financial assistance. We are honored to provide both types of support as a part of our commitment to protecting the health of those we serve.

In 2015, Rudy Olivas, who has congestive heart failure (CHF), was referred to YRMC’s Transitional Transitional Care PatientCare Clinic. He was being closely monitored by Luz Wiley, NP, Director of Transitional Care for YRMC, when she suggested he consider undergoing bariatric surgery. He did, and Candice Jensen, MD, performed the procedure later that year. The surgery was a success and afterward, Luz continued to carefully monitor Rudy’s CHF.

Last September, Rudy suffered a mild stroke. He was admitted to YRMC and his cardiologist, Evren Kaynak, MD referred him to cardiothoracic surgeon James Moon, MD for evaluation. Dr. Moon told Rudy he would need to have his aortic valve replaced and his mitral valve repaired.

“After the stroke, the Transitional Care team kept monitoring my blood pressure and made sure my medications were the right ones,” Rudy said. Luz even gave him her number to call if he ever needed anything, even if it was over a weekend. “To me, that says a lot,” he added.

When the time came for Rudy to have heart surgery he was retired and no longer had health insurance. Luz encouraged him to apply for coverage through AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System). But, when he didn’t qualify, she didn’t give up. She helped Rudy apply for financial assistance from YRMC and within a week he was approved.

“I was blessed to get that,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done without my heart surgery.”

Rudy had the surgery in January and is grateful for the care and support he’s received, both while he was in the hospital and on an outpatient basis through Transitional Care.

“You feel like the nurses at Transitional Care have known you forever,” he said. “When I got released from the hospital after my heart surgery and I walked in there for my followup, it was just a great feeling. It’s a great service for our community.”

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