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Expanding Specialized Care Right Here

As our community grows, so does the need for specialized levels of care.

There are times when patients need a very specialized level of care, for example, when a patient diagnosed with a musculoskeletal disease needs to see a rheumatologist or when cancer patients or those with other serious conditions or injuries require plastic or reconstructive surgery. As our area continues to grow, so does the demand for specialized care.

That’s why we were so pleased to welcome Daniel Sutphin, MD to the YRMC staff in early 2018. Dr. Sutphin is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive expertise in microsurgical techniques. Microsurgery is a precise procedure used to reconnect severed blood vessels and nerves or to transfer delicate tissue from one part of the body to another. It is performed under magnification with the use of highly specialized instruments.

“I chose Yuma as a place to grow my practice because there was a professional need in this community that was appealing to me personally, based on the nature of my training,” Dr. Sutphin said. “It is a great opportunity to really help a group of people who might not get help otherwise. For me, helping a patient feel whole again is important. It always feels so good to help.”

“Many of our patients used to go outside of the community to receive this specialized care,” said Bharat Magu, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer for YRMC. “Now we have a Cancer Center which is busy and growing fast. The need for plastic and reconstructive surgery is great for patients with an advanced cancer diagnosis and other conditions. That’s why we brought a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in.”

“From day one when Dr. Sutphin joined YRMC, he’s been very busy,” Dr. Magu said. “He’s a great provider with an absolutely remarkable skill set. He goes above and beyond just the clinic encounter; he is diligent about following up with patients long after they’ve been discharged.”

YRMC continues to recruit specialists who bring much-needed services to our community, allowing residents to receive quality and convenient care when and where they need that help.

“This recruitment has allowed us to expand the number of providers and specialties in the community, including allergy/ immunology, psychiatry and behavioral health, endocrinology and many others,” said Dr. Magu. “It is important to focus on some of these specialties because the needs of the community are growing. It’s our commitment to get very highly qualified, high-quality specialists and make them available locally.” 

Read our full 2018 Annual Report for more insightful examinations into all we achieve when the right people come together with an unwavering commitment to patients and our community. 

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