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Primary Care - Partnering for Health

We believe it’s called primary care for good reason. 

Primary means first, and a primary care physician, whether it’s a family medicine provider, pediatrician or internal medicine specialist, is often a patient’s first point of contact, providing care and expertise when needed.

In addition to treating common medical conditions, our primary care providers educate patients on Primary Care San Luispreventive measures they can take to minimize the onset of disease. Their in-depth knowledge of a patient’s medical history enables them to deliver optimal care and coordinate that care with specialists as needed. Once patients entrust their health to a primary care provider, it’s often a relationship that lasts for years or even decades.

“Primary care is a critical piece in the healthcare equation,” said Bharat Magu, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer for YRMC, “not only in providing comprehensive care to the patient, but in reducing the cost of care. Most of the new Medicare Advantage plans and accountable care organizations (ACOs) primarily depend on a very strong, reliable and quality primary care program so all the physicians are following standard protocols. This leads to higher quality care and improved patient safety.”

To ensure quality care is easily accessible to residents of our area, YRMC has expanded the number of clinics we operate to seven. Two of the clinics serve patients in outlying areas, San Luis and the Foothills, both of which offer care for the entire family.

“Primary care allows the provider and other clinical staff members to have a 360-degree view of a patient’s health needs,” Dr. Magu said. “It has a focus on promoting health — not just on treating disease—as well as on prevention. It takes a whole team approach so patients and their families become a very important part of their own health and wellbeing.”

Read our full 2018 Annual Report for more insightful examinations into all we achieve when the right people come together with an unwavering commitment to patients and our community. 

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