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3D Mammograms Now Available at YRMC

Women have healthy options with 2D or 3D

Yuma Regional Medical Center now offers 3D mammography for breast cancer screening. This newer technology takes images of the breast and combines them into a 3D rendering. 3D mammograms offer improved cancer detection rates of smaller tumors—an advantage for women with dense or fatty breast tissue or women genetically predisposed to develop breast cancer.

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. Detecting an early growth increases survival rates. But, deciding when to start having mammogram exams is personal. While guidelines vary, most doctors encourage women who aren’t at high risk for breast cancer to make their first mammogram appointment between the ages of 40 and 44. Now that choice of when to have your mammogram includes deciding between 2D or 3D imaging. Those who have dense or fatty breast tissue, carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes or have a family history of breast cancer may benefit from 3D mammography. Your doctor or testing center can help you decide.

Although you might want a 3D mammogram, don’t be surprised if you learn 2D is still the right choice for you—especially if your provider already has pictures from past mammograms. A patient’s previous images are invaluable—be they 2D or 3D—to the mammogram a woman receives today.

Yuma Regional Medical Center encourages women considering 3D mammograms to check with their health plan to see if it pays for the 3D exam. Medicare covers it, but some insurers still only pay for a 2D mammogram. If a patient’s health plan does not cover 3D mammography, she has the option to pay an additional $100 for the new exam.

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