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Vietnam veteran honors caregivers with challenge coins

A local Vietnam veteran received such incredible care at YRMC that he was inspired to think of an extra-special way to demonstrate his heart-felt thanks. 

Recent patient Walt Schumacher came up with the perfect idea. In addition to sweet letters, certificates and gift cards for Starbucks, the Yuma man also presented two YRMC nurses with special military-inspired challenge coins.

Walt stopped by YRMC on Wednesday to personally thank and celebrate Autumn Haley, RN (Emergency Department) and Kerry Castello, RN (Cardiac Cath Lab). Enjoy his letters and some photos taken Wednesday. Congratulations Autumn and Kerry! Your YRMC family is proud of you.

Autumn Haley, RN (Emergency Department): “I wanted to take this opportunity to truly thank you for all you did for me while I was in the Emergency Department a couple of weeks ago. Your care for me was, in my mind and heart so loving and personable, that you filled my heart and person with joy knowing you were looking after me like I was part of your family. 

Your immediate attention was lovely and I particularly noticed that all you did was in a humble way in your care for me. Your smile and heart opened me up as I was going through a time I had not anticipated.  

Being a Vietnam Veteran and our talking of your family being in the military, it was a real pleasure talking about various things of the “military past.”  

Not having been in the Emergency Room for some time, it was a pleasure and assurance on my part to see such dedicated personnel truly and openly care for the patients as they consistently did the entire time I was there.

In closing, may I say, thank you and thank you again for all you did for me and I am so pleased to have you as my Registered Nurse caring for me as you did. I am extremely grateful for your thoughtful and compassionate attention to me and my health.

You are a real credit to this country as you serve others, Yuma Regional Medical Center and its Veteran Coinpersonnel and yourself.”

Kerry Castello, RN (Cardiac Cath Lab): “I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the time and effort you made while I was “under for the angiogram” in your department. Needless to say, it was a scary time for me as I was under your care, but your person and caring attention to me was explicably superb as I had not had this test before and while it affected my heart was grateful I had you to re-assure me that all was well.

May I also commend the other ladies and gentlemen that were involved in this test to ensure that this test for my heart was in good shape after the test and you providing the results to the heart physician.     
It was nice chatting with you about our military careers and all we did while in uniform. As a Vietnam Veteran, I am always delighted to honor all of those that served in the United States Army at different times, still protecting America. 

As of today, I am in “good shape,” and in part thanks to you and I so appreciate your personable caring for me and keeping me at ease while through this procedure.  

You are a real credit to this country as you serve others, Yuma Regional Medical Center and its personnel and yourself.” 

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