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Yuma Gastro, LLC to Join Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Partnership to Advance Quality of Gastroenterology Care

We would like to share the announcement below on behalf of Yuma Gastro.

Yuma Gastro, LLC announced today that the practice would officially partner with Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) in early 2021. Yuma Gastro includes long-time physicians, Dr. Alec Esker, Dr. Divesh Anireddy and Dr. Seth Miller, all who have a shared vision of further advancing gastroenterology care for residents in Yuma. 

“Since the beginning, our medical practice has continually worked to bring advanced care to Yuma,” shares Dr. Alec Esker. “Gastroenterology has evolved to a highly advanced medical specialty. It is not the same as it was 30 years ago. As an individual, small practice, it has become increasingly difficult to invest in the latest technologies and treatment innovations,” he said. 

“This partnership with YRMC is an opportunity to combine our resources and knowledge in a way that supports the availability of advanced care. We want our community to have access to advanced medicine, research and education. That’s what I want for my patients and this partnership brings us together for one shared purpose – better care for the patients we serve,” said Dr. Alec Esker. 

Through the agreement, the partnership will provide numerous benefits for local patients which include: 

  • Development of new treatment options available locally.
  • Improved care coordination that comes when physicians work side by side to meet the patients’ needs.
  • Recruitment of additional highly trained physicians to Yuma.
“We are looking forward to developing an even higher level of collaboration with the YRMC teams of oncologists, surgeons and gynecologists,” said Dr. Esker. “By sharing the same medical record system and having access to additional expertise, our patients truly benefit from coordinated care.”

The partnership also lays the groundwork for the development of expanded medical education. “As a Yuma native I have welcomed the opportunity to bring my advanced medical training back to my hometown,” shares Dr. Seth Miller.  “I am excited about coming together with others who have a common goal – to ensure that our neighbors, friends and visitors have access to advanced medical care. Joining with other colleagues to offer more for Yuma is why I want to be here,” adds Miller.  

“Yuma Gastro and Yuma Regional Medical Center have a closely aligned vision to develop and advance care in the community,” said Dr. Esker. “I’m confident that, working collaboratively, this partnership will result in an elevated level of care for patients.” 

The Yuma Gastro team includes 11 highly-trained medical providers and 80 experienced staff members – all of whom will join YRMC.

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