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$54,000 in Scholarships Recently Awarded to Students

The Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center and Yuma Regional Medical Center Volunteer Services recently awarded $54,000 in scholarships to area students.

The Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center and the Volunteer Services at Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) are proud to announce they have awarded 23 scholarships to Yuma County students pursuing a career in healthcare or allied healthcare. Scholarships also support the academic advancement of several YRMC employees who are furthering their nursing education. 

Recipients are outstanding students who display remarkable academic achievement, extra-curricular participation and community service. 

“Scholarships are a great investment in our community - an investment in a healthier future,” said Dr. Robert Trenschel, President and CEO of YRMC. “These students are the future leaders in healthcare and will someday be able to help us further impact the health and well-being of Yuma County.”

The Foundation of YRMC and Volunteer Services have a long-standing history of service to Yuma County students. Funding for the scholarships has come through a number of generous donations from individuals, community organizations, area businesses and numerous fundraising activities. 

“The Foundation of YRMC has provided more than $700,000 in scholarship funding to students over the past 20-plus years,” said Pat Martin, chairperson of the scholarship committee. “Through our continued fundraising efforts, we expect to sustain the program for years to come.”

This year’s scholarship recipients include:

Manuel Acosta (University of Arizona), Karla Branch (Arizona Western College), Annie Compton (Arizona State University), Yeny Contreras (Arizona State University), Felix Fisher (University of Arizona), Kendra Kallem (Arizona Western College), Emily Kissel (Northern Arizona University), Adriana Medina (University of Arizona), Giselle Meza (Arizona Western College), Allyson Nunoz (University of Arizona), Michael Nicolls (University of Arizona), Taylor Oliver (Grand Canyon University), Shriti Parajuli (Stanford University), Allison Marquez Partida (Arizona Western College), Sophia Ruiz (Arizona State University), Savannah Rush (Texas Lutheran University), Elizabeth Schlenner (Northern Arizona University), Reynaldo Valencia (University of Arizona), Sofia Lorera Velasco (Arizona Western College), Marissa Wallis (Arizona Western College, Northern Arizona University), Maria Conteras (United States University), Laura Garcia (Chamberlain University), Leticia Paloma Valencia (University Arizona). 

For more information about the Foundation of YRMC, please visit our website at:

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