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YRMC using tents outside Emergency Department for evaluations

To best protect the health of patients and staff, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) has begun evaluating patients prior to entering the Emergency Department. 

YRMC has begun using several tents just outside the emergency entrance along Avenue A. This proactive decision will help greatly in YRMC’s commitment to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while assuring medical care that is safe and compassionate for everyone. 

The tents are not being used for testing of COVID-19.

The community is reminded that residents’ first resource for COVID-19 concerns is their primary care provider. People should call their provider before going to their office. Anyone who does not have a primary care provider should call the YRMC CareLine at (928)336-CARE (2273).

Only people experiencing critical medical emergencies should visit the Emergency Department.

Emergency patients will be greeted and quickly assessed by a registered nurse at the outdoor check-in area. 

Patients with respiratory complaints will be evaluated in the next tent. Those persons who are determined to have additional complications from a higher risk of COVID-19 will be brought into the Emergency Department through a special entrance leading into the emergency department. 

Persons found to be low risk of COVID-19, whose symptoms do not require medical treatment, will be asked to self-quarantine and recuperate at home.

YRMC began using the tents Wednesday morning.

The tents are not being used for testing of COVID-19. Other than chest x-rays, actual treatment will not take place inside the tents, which will be used during higher-traffic hours of the day. The care team consists of a medical provider and nurse who will perform assessments and evaluations.

YRMC is using barricades and signs to assure the safety of expecting or laboring mothers using the entrance for Labor and Delivery. This entrance continues to serve women and children patients. These patients are encouraged to park in front of the Administrative Center just south of Labor and Delivery, so they are not passing through the areas with tents.

YRMC is grateful for our community’s continued patience and understanding as our dedicated care teams work around the clock every day to protect the health of our entire community.

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