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Yuma Regional Medical Center COVID-19 Surge Plans

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continues rise, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC)’s care team is prepared to care for their local community. 

“We remain in a good position to care for our community. Our teams are prepared and ready to serve additional patients who present to our YRMC Emergency Department, says Dr. Bharat Magu, YRMC Chief Medical Officer.  “We have additional capacity, yet it is important that we maintain resources at a level that will not put our local community in jeopardy.”  

YRMC is currently working with State and National agencies to support the coordination and planning for any significant surge of COVID-19 patients that might come from outside facilities. At this time, we are unable to accept a large number of transfers from other facilities. “We appreciate the outreach by Arizona Department of Health and National agencies regarding the potential use of the Arizona surge line to coordinate the transfer of these patients intermittently,” says Magu. 

“As a community hospital, it is important that we maintain capacity for those who present to our hospital and need care,” adds Magu. 

While the number of cases has increased, we are confident that the advanced efforts of our care team have positioned us well.  We have worked diligently to manage supplies /PPE, develop tiered staffing models and to fully understand our daily and projected needs. 

As of May 23, YRMC has a total 45 positive COVID-19 hospitalized patients.

  • 21 patients are in ICU. ICU has not reached full capacity.
  • A phased capacity plan, to accommodate higher volumes, has been in place since March.
  • An additional COVID-19 designated unit is on stand-by and ready to operationalize when needed. It is currently not open. 
  • YRMC Nursing Deployment Command Center was developed in early April, in the instance that additional staffing is needed. While volumes have not yet warranted activation, it stands ready to activate within 60 minutes.

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