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Foundation of YRMC to launch fund supporting families facing pediatric cancer

Light the Night because children and their families shouldn’t have to fight cancer alone.

To support local families in their fight against pediatric cancer, the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center is inviting our community to Light the Night, sending a message of hope for families while also helping support a new fund offering parents much-needed financial support.
In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center is working to establish a Pediatric Oncology Support Fund and bring awareness to this very important cause. Donations to the fund will provide financial resources for local families who face a childhood cancer diagnosis.
Through September 30, the Foundation will give a special gold light bulb to anyone donating $10 or more to the fund. Donors will be encouraged to place the bulbs in their porch lights, so the entire community can see and enjoy this uplifting symbol of support for Yuma’s youngest cancer patients.
“The Foundation sees this as an incredible opportunity to help support pediatric cancer patients and their families in our community,” said Jackie Woodwell, Executive Director of the Foundation of YRMC, “and also to shine a light quite literally and bring awareness to childhood cancer.”
In all, 1,000 golden light bulbs are available and ready to light up our town.
To bring even greater illumination to the Light the Night campaign, the Foundation is also encouraging local buildings to be illuminated in a golden glow this month. Yuma Regional Medical Center itself began glowing gold on Saturday, Sept. 12.
“When families affected by pediatric cancer drive by and see those buildings lit up or people’s doorsteps lit up gold, they are going to know that this community is supporting them and really lifting them up,” Woodwell said. “We really want that the message of Light the Night, to be a message that people can see – and feel.”
People wanting to make a donation for Light the Night can use this link: Donations can also be mailed to: The Foundation of Yuma Regional Medical Center, 2400 S. Avenue A, Yuma, AZ 85364. People with questions may call (928) 336-2445 or email [email protected].
The Foundation hopes to raise $25,000 through Light the Night, funding that will establish the Pediatric Oncology Support Fund. Although Light the Night is temporary, the fund will be a permanent endeavor.
To help add their unique spark to the campaign, numerous schools, business and community organizations are getting involved to support Light the Night. Numerous fundraisers are being planned. For details, follow Yuma Regional Medical Center on Facebook.
The Foundation will begin taking applications for support through the new fund in December.

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