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YRMC Trains Local EMS Agencies

As a base hospital YRMC oversees critical EMS training

As the region’s base hospital, Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) provides medical oversight and direction for local EMS agencies. Recently, Dr. Franco Castro-Marin, Medical Director of EMS Services and Romeo Barcenas, EMS Coordinator, developed an intense two-day training experience for nine EMS agencies.

Staying up to date on the latest best practices, procedures and technology allows EMS professionals to treat their patients effectively during critical moments. These visual, hands-on trainings also introduce new methods that may not have been previously available.

“Through these trainings, not only are the EMS crews given indispensable time and resources to hone very particular life-saving skills, but they’re also given the opportunity to work and grow together as one big team,” said Barcenas. “Our goal as the base hospital is to ensure that everyone in the community receives the same level of excellent care no matter which agency answers their call. That is what we accomplish through these trainings.”

EMS crews practiced low-usage and high-impact skills, focusing on airway management.  They practiced on state-of-the-art mannequins, chicken bones, pig lungs, and more.  

This was the first of many trainings YRMC will coordinate this year, each one focused on a unique set of critical skills.

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