Medical and Radiation Oncology

When a patient visits Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center for diagnosis and treatment, a medical oncologist (cancer care specialist) will be one of the first physicians they see. The oncologist will explain the cancer diagnosis, identify which stage the cancer is at, explain what that means for the patient and answer any questions they have. The oncologist will then discuss the various treatment options available and recommend the best course of treatment, including the management of any pain and symptoms, as well as any other specialized treatments that may be helpful.

The medical oncologist assigned to you or your loved one will also collaborate with a radiation oncologist, a physician who uses radiation therapy to treat cancer. More than half of cancer patients receive some form of radiation treatment. Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center uses a state-of-the-art device called a linear accelerator for radiation treatment because it can direct the radiation treatment to the specific part of the body where it’s needed. It is the highest quality radiation technology available.

Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center is proud that all of our medical oncologists and radiation oncologists are board certified or board eligible. Meet our physicians.

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