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Barbara's Story

Care Close to home

When Barbara Zold was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Yuma grandmother certainly didn’t need anything more to worry her. In addition to fearing for her health, she also dreaded the possibility of having to search for treatment a long way from her home.
Zold, 82, did not want to trade the comfort and security of home for a hotel room in some bigger town hundreds of miles away.
The worrying ended when Zold and her husband looked into treatment offered at Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center.
They discovered that the care she needed was available right here in their own community. The couple was also grateful to learn that the highly-skilled cancer care offered at the cancer center is warm and compassionate, an approach that would leave Zold feeling less like a patient and more like a friend.
“We knew there was no sense going anywhere else. We had everything we needed right here in Yuma,” said her husband, Don. “We found the cancer center here to be outstanding. On top of being so good to Barbara, everyone went out of their way to take care of me, too. They welcomed me, talked to me and made me feel like a part of everything.”
Zold not only received treatment at the cancer center, she also participated in one of our oncology clinical trials aimed at developing life-saving procedures for the future.
“I just can’t say enough about everyone I met at the cancer center,” Zold said. “Every single person is there to care for you.”
The cancer center also earned the trust of Zold’s daughter, Dawn Zanoni, a resident of Washington. Zanoni works in health care and admits her trust was not easily earned. “This is my mom,” Zanoni said with emotion. “Also, since I work in health care, I had especially high expectations. I am happy to say that Yuma’s cancer center ranks very high in my opinion. I have seen many other places that do not offer this level of compassion and care. Everyone greeted us like they had known us for years.”
Zold’s devoted daughter added: “If I had not been able to be there in Yuma with Mom during her treatment like I was, I would have been comforted knowing she was there. I would have known she was in excellent hands with Yuma’s cancer center.”

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