Personalized Treatment Plan

We know from experience that each cancer patient’s journey is unique, which is why we create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. In the past, patients with the same type and stage of cancer would typically receive the same treatments. However, now, thanks to advances in medicine and research, our cancer care team is better able to match patients with treatments that are more likely to be effective.

At the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center, we take a holistic approach to treating cancer patients and include their families as part of our team approach. In addition to addressing the biomedical aspects of the cancer, we consider its psychological and social aspects. We also perform genetic tests on the patient's cancer cells and normal cells to gain valuable information we can use to formulate individualized treatment strategies that can be more effective and cause fewer side effects.

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Cancer Treatment Services

We offer a comprehensive menu of cancer care services all in one location, close to home.

Preparing for your Visit

Access our convenient checklist to help you prepare for your visit.

Meet our Cancer Physicians

Our patients have an entire team of professionals on their side who will work closely together to provide the best care possible.

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Schedule a Mammogram

We offer two convenient locations to receive your mammogram.

Patient Seeking Support

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Cancer Resource Center

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Clinical Trials Offered

As part of our commitment to provide high-quality, cutting-edge care to our patients, we participate in several clinical trials. Find out if you may be eligible.

Patient Seeking Support

If you are experiencing worry, anxiety, sadness or other emotions, you don’t have to travel this journey alone. Caring, compassionate support is available from one of our trained and certified Chaplains.

Winter Visitor

We want to make your transition to receiving medical care while you’re here as seamless as possible.

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