Preparing for Your Visit

We want to make your first visit to the Yuma Regional Medical Center Cancer Center go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve created this convenient checklist to help you prepare for your visit:

What to bring:

Your medical information and medications. Please include the name and telephone number of your primary care physician and all referring physicians. Please bring all medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter items such as herbal supplements, vitamins and medications purchased in other countries. Also, be sure to let your care team know if you have any allergies or reactions to medications.

A list of any complementary therapies you have used in the past, such as acupuncture or massage therapy.

Contact list. Please include your family, friends and emergency contacts that you authorize us to disclose your personal health information to should they call and request information.

Insurance information. Please bring all of your insurance cards and any referrals that you have. Depending on your treatment, you may need additional authorizations or referrals during the course of your care. Our patient financial services specialists are available to help you understand your coverage. For assistance, please call 928-317-2518 and select option 3.

A datebook or calendar to record your appointments. If you don’t have one available, we’ll be glad to give you one of our patient calendars.

A written list of questions. We understand that you will have questions and concerns. It may be helpful to bring a notebook and pen or a companion to help you remember the answers to your questions and other information from your visit. Each question is valuable and important to fully understanding your cancer experience. The list below contains examples of questions that you may want to ask during your care:

  • What type of cancer do I have?
  • What stage is my cancer?
  • What are my treatment options and choices?
  • What are the side effects of my treatment?
  • Where can I learn more about my diagnosis?
  • Should I get a second opinion?
  • Are clinical trials an option for me?
  • Will I experience pain?
  • How can I deal with my fear and anxiety?
  • What do I say to my family and friends?
  • Are support groups available for me and my family?
  • Where can I learn how to address my financial concerns?
  • Are complementary therapies available?
  • What happens after I complete my treatment?

You and your friends or family members who accompany you to your appointment may also find it helpful to bring a book, iPad or e-reader to help pass the time during treatments. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available.

As a courtesy to our other patients, we ask that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you are going to be late or would like to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us at 928-317-2518 and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Accessing MyCare Patient Portal

Get convenient, secure access to portions of your online medical records through our electronic health records.

Financial Assistance Offered at YRMC

Providing health care to those who cannot afford to pay is part of our mission at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

Reviewing Medical Bill

We offer a fast, secure way to pay your bill by using a credit card or electronic check.

Couple Learning About Accepted Insurance Plans

Yuma Regional Medical Center accepts a number of different insurance plans.