PET/CT Imaging

A PET/CT is regarded as one of the most advanced medical imaging techniques available today. It combines the fine structural detail of a Computed Tomography (CT) scan with the ability of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to detect changes in cell function to help your doctor identify both the presence of disease and its precise location. The powerful combination of these two imaging technologies allows for earlier and more accurate detection of disease than either CT or PET alone. A PET/CT scan can help your physician diagnose a problem, determine the best approach to treatment or monitor your progress.

The importance of receiving a PET/CT scan cannot be overemphasized. A PET/CT scan can show if a tumor is benign or malignant (cancerous), whether a cancer has spread and how a tumor is responding to treatment. PET/CT scans are also used to determine which portion of the heart is still healthy after a heart attack, how the patient is responding to treatment and to identify coronary artery disease at an early stage. A PET/CT scan can also be used to evaluate a patient’s potential for developing Alzheimer’s Disease years before symptoms occur or to determine if a patient has epilepsy or Parkinson’s Disease.

Our convenient location at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Outpatient Center offers immediate appointments and a rapid report turnaround of 24 hours or less. We offer a private and calming atmosphere where you will be cared for by our respectful and compassionate staff. Most insurance plans are accepted and our staff will be glad to handle any pre-authorizations required by your insurance. Our Patient and Physician Guide offers additional details, including information on how to prepare for your visit. 

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To make an appointment for a PET/CT scan, or if you have any questions, please call 928-314-4800.

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