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Home Safety Tips For After Surgery

After surgery and your return home, it may be more difficult to get around. Your balance may still not be entirely recovered or your strength may not be fully regained. Some things may also be harder to do or will need to be modified. It is important to make some changes in your home to reduce the risk of falling. The following is a list of some things to check and change.

Walking surfaces throughout the home:

  • No throw rugs; carpets tacked down.
  • No highly polished floors.
  • Threshold moldings clearly visible.
  • All walking paths free of obstacles i.e.: telephone and electric cords, furniture.
  • Clear path/sidewalk up to the entrance of home.


  • Light switch within reach of bed.
  • Appropriate bed height.
  • Bedspread clear of walking path.
  • Use of commode near bed or urinal (for men), if person has difficulty with walking.


  • Use of proper equipment in bathroom such as commode over toilet, shower seat, non-slip mat or decals.
  • Safety fastened grab bars for tub/shower and toilet.
  • Good lighting in bathroom and from bedroom to bathroom.
  • Water temperature set at approximately 110° to prevent burns.
  • Clearly marked hot and cold faucets.
  • No throw rugs or towels on the floor.


  • Good lighting throughout kitchen.
  • No heavy pots or pans.
  • No utensils with faulty handles.
  • Objects stored within reach; use of top cabinets, countertop and top shelves of refrigerator.
  • No pet dishes in walking path.
  • Stove in good repair with clearly visible and understandable controls.
  • Chair/stool to sit on, in kitchen.


  • Proper adjustment of walking devices; use of walker bag on walker to carry items.
  • Proper footwear at all times; walking shoes, closed type shoes.
  • Personal emergency response system; Lifeline.
  • Auditory and visual smoke alarms.
  • Easy escape access through doors/windows.
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