Trauma and Fractures

If you or a loved one experience a traumatic bone or joint injury such as a dislocation or fracture, it should be examined immediately by one of our fracture care specialists. Continuing to use an injured bone or joint that has not been treated may cause further damage to it and the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels. Common causes of bone fractures include accidents, repetitive stress injuries, osteoporosis and tumors.

The skilled physicians at the Center for Bone & Joint Health at Yuma Regional Medical Center are trained to provide you with the best care for fractures. They are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to treat patients who arrive at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Emergency Department with a bone or joint injury.

Our medical team will create an individualized treatment plan designed to minimize complications and help you get back to your pre-injury level of activity as quickly as possible. The treatment plan will be based on the severity of your injury and, in some cases, surgery may be required.

Hip Fractures

Fragility fractures, which are a result of thinning bones caused by osteoporosis or a traumatic injury, may occur in the shoulder, wrist, hip or spine. But, the fragility fracture of the greatest concern is a hip fracture, which can be a life-altering event for the patient. We offer a specialized approach to hip fractures designed to assist patients who have these type of  fractures.

Hip fractures are considered a high priority in our Emergency Department and Center for Bone & Joint Health. As soon as a hip fracture is detected in a patient, they are put on a fast track to surgery. We place a strong emphasis on recovery, and most patients feel well enough to begin physical and occupational therapy within just one day of surgery.

Our orthopedic care team includes highly skilled board-certified physicians, a physician assistant, specially-trained nurses and a dedicated rehabilitative staff who work together to provide the best possible bone and joint care for each patient. 

For more information about the specialized care we offer for traumatic bone and joint injuries, please contact the Center for Bone & Joint Health at Yuma Regional Medical Center at 928-336-7846.

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