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Meet our Providers

We’re proud of our outstanding medical team at the primary care providers, and we invite you to meet and get to know them:

Family Medicine Providers

Dr. Nada Alsaiegh, Family Medicine

Nada Alsaiegh, M.D.

Dr. Steven Anderson, Family Medicine

Steven Anderson, M.D.

Dr. Kristina Diaz, Family Medicine

Kristina Diaz, M.D.

Richard Caguin

Richard Caguin, N.P.

Cherice Curtis, Family Medicine

Cherice Curtis, N.P.

April Hann, Family Medicine

April Hann, N.P. 

Dr. Daniel Hogue, Family Medicine

Joseph D. Hogue, M.D. 

Dr. Natalia Galarza, Family Medicine

Natalia Galarza, M.D.

Dr. Lorena Jauregui, Family Medicine

Lorena Jauregui, M.D.

Marina Roloff, Family Medicine

Marina Roloff, N.P. 

Gerry Sanchez, Primary Care

Gerry Sanchez, P.A.

Rudy Valenzuela, Primary Care

Rudy Valenzuela, F.N.P., Ph.D.

Internal Medicine Providers

Dr. Henry Florez, Internal Medicine

Henry Florez, M.D.

Dr. Dorothy Wong, Internal Medicine

Dorothy Wong, M.D. 


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