We believe in finding a new hope.

At Yuma Regional Medical Center, we believe that everyone deserves access to the care they need to heal and recover. We invite you to join our efforts to improve mental health services in our community. Your gift will help us provide much-needed services to those struggling with mental health issues close to home. It will also allow us to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and the need for accessible and affordable care.

Acute and Severe Mental Health Treatment

Our inpatient behavioral health facilities are equipped to handle acute and severe mental health crises, such as suicidal thoughts or severe depression, which require a high level of care and supervision.

Detox and Addiction Treatment

We provide detox and addiction treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

Dual Diagnosis

We are equipped to handle individuals with dual diagnoses who have a mental health disorder and an addiction.

Group Therapy, Individual Therapy and Medication Management

We offer a range of services at our inpatient behavioral health facilities, including group therapy, individual therapy, and medication management, which can be critical to recovery.

A Helping Hand

If you would like to support our behavioral health programs for our community, consider making a donation.