Compassionate support provided by certified Chaplains and Chaplain Residents.

Our Spiritual Care staff welcomes the opportunity to assist anyone who seeks emotional support, whether they consider themselves to be religious, spiritual or secular (non-religious). The members of our Spiritual Care staff are skilled listeners who offer solace while honoring and respecting all faiths and beliefs.

There are many times when you may find it helpful to call a chaplain. These include, but are certainly not limited to, when you have just received a new diagnosis, are about to undergo surgery, are far from home or are facing the impending death of a loved one. To request a Chaplain at any time of the day or night, ask your nurse or call 928-328-9297.

  • Healing Touch – This is an energy-based therapy in which the practitioner uses a light or near-body touch to restore harmony and balance to the patient’s energy system and promote healing for their mind, body and spirit.
  • Guided Imagery – Used to promote the patient’s overall health and wellbeing, this therapy uses healing images created from the patient’s memories, daydreams or imagination to assist them with the management of pain, anxiety, stress and/or physical symptoms associated with illness or injury.
  • Interfaith Chapel – The chapel is located in Area A on the ground floor and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a place for all to reflect and pray. A prayer box is available outside the chapel for the prayer request.
  • Gardens – For those who seek solitude for reflection or meditation, there is a quiet Healing Garden located in Area A on the first floor, just past Elevator A. There is also a Serenity Garden at the YRMC Cancer Center.
  • Worship Services – Catholic Mass is celebrated at 12:30 p.m. every Thursday. Other worship services are scheduled from time to time or they can be scheduled as needed by calling 928-328-9297.

When to Call a Chaplain

Caring, compassionate support is available around the clock from one of our professionally trained and certified Chaplains or Chaplain Residents. There are many times when it can be helpful to speak to a Chaplain, including when:

  • You receive a new diagnosis
  • You are faced with a difficult decision regarding treatment
  • Celebrating diversity within our community
  • You are about to undergo surgery or are recovering from a procedure
  • Life support has been removed from a loved one
  • You are far from home
  • Celebrating the joy of marriage
  • You have little other support to rely on
  • You need someone to talk to who will listen with a empathetic ear
  • You are thankful for recovery or the birth of a child
  • You or a family member are being transported to another medical facility
  • You are struggling with questions about your life
  • The stresses of illness or injury are causing family conflicts
  • You would like someone to contact your faith community for you
  • You would like to receive a prayer, a sacrament or resources for growth, relaxation or spiritual resources

Clinical Pastoral Education Program

The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program at Yuma Regional Medical Center educates persons of all faiths to provide comfort, support, spiritual and pastoral care to patients and their families during their hospital experience.