Setting the Record Straight

Yuma Regional Medical Center is setting the record straight. The time has come for the community to be aware of the misinformation and disinformation circulated by those who have a personal or political agenda claiming to be the voice for the community — when in fact their actions demonstrate disregard for patients, YRMC employees and the community.

Getting vaccinated

Improvements Impacting Patient Care Denied by Hospital District

YRMC has a number of facility upgrades needed to improve direct patient care.

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YRMC Provides Financial Reports Every Year

YRMC continues to provide the information that is required by the land lease.

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Yuma Hospital

We Can’t Approve $3 Million in Undefined Expenses

The current litigation addresses the Hospital District increasing its administrative budget to more than $3,000,000!

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Yuma hospital good community steward

YRMC Continues to Pay Hospital District’s Legitimate Administrative Expenses

Beginning in 2020, the Hospital District began sending YRMC legal invoices with a total amount — but no detail. Should we pay?

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Yuma hospital good community steward

Is Your Increased Property Tax Justified?

YRMC has not, nor has it ever, requested any tax revenue to pay its operating expenses.

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Hospital Yuma Care Focused

Remaining Focused on Improving Healthcare in our Community

Most recently, the personal agendas of those attempting to impede YRMC's progress have come to light.

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Yuma's excellent hospital

Why Are Actions to Improve Healthcare a Concern to the District Board?

It’s time for the false claims and personal attacks to stop. The constant noise created by this venomous group is hurting our hospital, employees and community.

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