We Believe It's About Time

Yuma Regional Medical Center is growing with purposeful vision to expand the availability and quality of care in our region. We believe that you deserve to see the best doctor, offering the right service, close to home — all in a time that works for you. To meet the ever-increasing demand for more medical providers, YRMC actively recruits primary care providers and specialists to our community.

In 2019 alone, YRMC recruited 61 specialists and primary care providers to Yuma…and we’re not done yet. That marked a record year for us — and our patients — a gift to the community that makes our entire YRMC family proud. Adding those much-needed medical providers means greater access to health care. Many of those new services were critically needed by the community and include specialties such as neurology, sports medicine, pulmonology, behavioral health, pediatric cardiology, pediatric urology and pediatric gastroenterology. By providing more specialized care locally, instead of far away in Phoenix or San Diego, you can spend your valuable time doing what you love, instead of traveling out of town for care.

Having more primary care doctors available at our facilities throughout Yuma County also means that patients calling to make an appointment are more often hearing the great news that a doctor is able to see them…and much sooner than just a year ago.

Recruiting medical providers ends up being an extremely competitive process, especially when physician shortages are being felt all over the country. Physicians being recruited to Yuma are also often being courted by much bigger cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Phoenix.

But we don’t just bring doctors here to practice at YRMC. We also recruit physicians and other healthcare providers for Yuma’s medical community as a whole. Some of those doctors make their own choice to join other existing clinics/organizations or go into private practice for themselves.

As a physician, Dr. Robert Trenschel, our President and CEO, says that helping meet the needs of the entire medical community really is nothing less than a moral obligation for YRMC. That’s the best way to meet the needs of who matters most — the folks who call Yuma home.

Dr. Trenschel also understands that YRMC faces the added challenge of an aging workforce. He points out that 25% of doctors throughout the community are over the age of 60 and looking to retire or work fewer hours. Working with providers to create employment models that work for them helps us retain experienced physicians and recruit new ones.

As one of the institutions actively recruiting physicians to Yuma, YRMC knows its efforts are more important than ever. We are really proud of how much has changed and how much has improved — but we’re certainly not done yet.

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