Behavioral Health

Inpatient Information

For those needing a more intensive level of care, inpatient care may be your most immediate treatment option, where we focus on stabilization and treatment of acute psychiatric and/or substance abuse problems. Our inpatient services for adults provide a chance to get help in an environment that is conducive to fast, effective treatment at the Yuma Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health Center.

A comprehensive and holistic program of care includes daily psychiatric care, medication management, nursing care, activity therapy, group therapy, individual and family therapy. Patients benefit from a variety of therapeutic interventions as well as psychoeducation. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission, with the goal of ensuring continuity of care beyond the inpatient experience. Family members and/or supportive persons are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process as well.

Yuma Regional’s Behavioral Health Center, in partnership with Horizon Health, offers 12 inpatient care beds with plans to expand to 24 beds in the near future. Services include adult psychiatric inpatient care, intensive outpatient care and a medical detox program in a warm, welcoming environment where patients can safely receive professional clinical and behavioral health care, compassion and attention close to home, family and friends.


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