We ensure the transition to receiving medical care while you’re here is as seamless as possible.

Even though you may be far from home over the winter months, we want to assure you that you can receive the quality medical care you need right here at Yuma Regional Medical Center. Our goal is to make your care as seamless as possible, so we will be happy to partner with your provider(s) in your home city to ensure that your medical care continues uninterrupted.

To facilitate this process, we recommend that you have the following information available during your winter stay here:

  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of your medical providers.
  • A copy of your current medical records. Each provider’s office will require you to sign a consent form before releasing this information. To avoid any delay in treatment, please try to request these records before arriving in Yuma, if at all possible. It typically takes about five business days for us to receive your records.
  • Your insurance information. We will need to obtain authorization if you have an HMO insurance policy that includes coverage in our state. Please note that some HMO policies will not cover services outside your area unless it is an emergency, so we recommend that you become familiar with your policy’s coverage.

We also invite you to take an active role in your health while you’re here by using MyCare, a safe, secure online tool you can use to view portions of your personalized health information, request medical appointments, see selected test results and request prescription renewals.

When you are ready to return home, we will be glad to send your medical records to your home provider(s). Before you leave, simply complete an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information form and have it notarized, and we will send your records to your provider(s) within five business days.