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Pain Medication Policy

We care about you. Our goal is to treat your serious medical conditions, including pain, effectively and safely. But as pain relief treatment can be complex, we only provide pain relief options that are safe and correct.

For your safety, we routinely follow these rules when helping you with your pain:
  • We follow pain treatment that is legal and ethical.
  • We do not prescribe pain medication if you already receive pain medicine from another health care provider.
  • We will only prescribe a limited amount of pain medication to last until you can see your primary care physician.
  • We follow the Arizona Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to track opioid pain medications and other controlled substance prescriptions prescribed to you by any other provider.
  • We do not prescribe long acting pain medicines such as: OxyContin, MSContin, Fentanyl (Duagesic), Methadone, Opana ER, Exalgo, and others.
  • We do not give opioid/narcotic shots for flare-ups of chronic pain.
  • We do not refill lost, stolen or expired prescriptions. If your prescription is stolen, please contact the police.
If you need help with substance abuse or addiction, please call 866-495-6735 for confidential referral and treatment.
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