Foot and Ankle

Throughout our lifetimes, most of us will experience foot or ankle injuries. Some problems occur as traumatic injuries, like ankle sprains and foot fractures. But, many foot and ankle disorders surface from the gradual wear-and-tear of life—the abuse we dish out to our feet. Conditions such as persistent ankle pain, shin splints, bunions, arthritis, heal pain, neuropathy and hammertoes come from just plain aging, working hard and playing hard.

If you’re living with pain from overuse, noticing some loss of mobility or facing a new foot or ankle injury, Yuma Regional Medical Center Foot and Ankle has answers for you. We’re home to an experienced foot and ankle team with extensive training and expertise. With a thorough evaluation, Dr. Kravitz or Dr. Goss can provide the answers you want, while putting you on the road to the healing you need.

As part of the Yuma medical community, our foot and ankle specialists frequently consult with your primary care provider. We also work well with a variety of medical professionals such as sports medicine and orthopedics, wound care, endocrinology, cardiology, rheumatology, pain management and dermatology. We have deep expertise in both non-surgical and surgical approaches.


Preparing for your visit

To ensure your visit is as efficient and seamless as possible, we encourage you to register in advance via MyCare, our patient portal, at least 24 hours before your visit. For first time users, click here for instructions to help walk you through the pre-registration steps. 
For more information about podiatric foot and ankle services at Yuma Regional Medical Center, please call 928-314-3333.

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Foot X-Rays
Our foot and ankle surgeons' advanced training in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions gives them the expertise to care for a wide variety of injuries, diseases, and problems.
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We make every effort to collect your applicable co-pays and deductibles at the time of service; however, there may be times when you need to pay your bill when you're not in our office. Bills can be paid via MyCare or using Guest Pay
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